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7 Mistakes to Avoid while Bringing Pets to Panama

November 30th, 2019 | Bringing Pets to Panama

Traveling with a pet can be an amazing experience if you plan everything properly and implement it with no blunders. Having trouble during the trip can ruin the entire vacation. Therefore, make sure to avoid these common mistakes while bringing pets to Panama:

1. Not Booking a Pet-Friendly Hotel in Advance

Not every hotel allows a pet. So, make a reservation at a suitable hotel that can accommodate your furry friend. Moreover, advance booking is a must when you are taking a pet along. It will reduce last-minute stress and allow you plenty of time to carry out the rest of the tasks.

2. Not Keeping Your Pet Properly Hydrated

Your pet can become agitated if he does not get enough attention and care. Though you need to limit the food intake before traveling, you should keep your pet hydrated and plan for the necessary toilet breaks if possible.

3. Failing to Pack Properly

Make sure to pack for every eventuality. Carry all the necessary equipment like a sturdy leash, towels, kitty litter, toys, and medication.

4. Not Training Your Pet

If you are bringing pets into Panama, you better start to train them well before embarking on the journey. For example, if you are going on a long road trip, start to take your pet on shorter trips now and then. Likewise, if you are planning to travel by air, crate training is an important task that you need to start a few weeks or months before the journey. Also, make sure to invest in a spacious crate so that your pet can comfortably stand, sit and turn around within the enclosure of the crate.

5. Not Checking Travel Policies

Before going on a trip, it’s vital to know about all the requirements, rules, and regulations of the new country so that you don’t have to face any trouble upon arrival. When traveling by air, you must also adhere to the airline regulations. Research well about rules and requisites before moving pets to Panama.

6. Choosing the Wrong Time to Travel

Try to avoid the heat of the day and travel during cooler mornings or evenings if you have itinerary options to choose from. Consider what suits best in terms of your pet’s security and comfort.

7. Not Planning for Emergencies

Accidents don’t come with a red alert. Therefore, it’s better to stay prepared for emergency scenarios. For instance, if you are planning a long road trip, it’s a good idea to learn about the vet clinics along the route. Also, you should make your pet wear an identification tag with your contact information. This will come in handy in case the two of you are separated. It’s not likely to happen, but you will feel grateful to have come prepared if it does.


Traveling with your pet is certainly worth all the effort. Avoid these mistakes to ensure a happy and safe trip for everyone. For further advice or assistance, you may contact the professionals at Panama Pet Relocation. With our experience and expertise, we have obtained the membership of IPATA, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. For more information, call us at 1-888-213-8550 (US & Canada Toll Free), +507-6674-1598 (Int’l Calls & WhatsApp), or +507-6619-6964 (Int’l Calls & WhatsApp).

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