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Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Pet Transport

November 30th, 2019 | Pet Transport

If the idea of leaving your pet at home sounds scary, pet transport is the perfect option. The only thing you need is to be well aware of the rules and regulations of the new place, such as Panama. Careful planning and preparation are extremely crucial to guarantee a hassle-free trip.

To reduce your workload, we will cover everything you need to know while shipping pets to Panama. So, dive in:

Keep an Overnight Kit Ready

If your pet is traveling by your side in the cabin of a plane, or by car, prepare an overnight kit and keep it handy while traveling. Make sure that the kit contains enough water and pet food, kitty litter, grooming tools, medications, and toys to keep your pet pleased and comfortable during the journey.

Let your Pet Stay Away from any Action

Emptying the bedroom, packing and shifting furniture, locking rooms – such last-minute actions may cause additional stress on your pet’s mind. Don’t let that happen. Keep him in a safe and quiet place instead, but check him regularly to make sure he doesn’t feel isolated.

Make Your Pet Wear an Identification Tag

Though you don’t need to identify your pet with a microchip to be able to enter Panama, it’s recommended your pet wears a tag with your contact information. This will come in handy in case of an emergency during the pet transport.

Take Care of your Pet’s Mental Health

We understand that you are anxious and busy with packing and relocating. But remember that a pet can sense your stress and become nervous. And an edgy pet is the last thing you would want during relocation. Therefore, don’t panic in front of your furry friend, so your pet can maintain mental peace. Also, spend some quality time with your pet to cheer him up during the process.

Crate Training is a Must

Starting your pet’s crate training a few weeks or even months before the journey will be a huge relief while moving. First, you need to invest in a spacious crate so that your pet can sit, turn around and lie down comfortably inside the travel crate. If your pet is not familiar with staying within an enclosure, you can start by putting food inside the crate and leave the door open. When your pet feels comfortable and relaxed inside the crate, you can let him sleep in it while you are at home. This will make him stay relaxed inside the crate during the tiresome journey.

Keep Veterinarian’s Contact info Handy

Before you set out, make a list of the vets close to your new location. It’s recommended to take your pet to a vet clinic after reaching to the new place to make sure his health wasn’t affected during the trip.


The tips mentioned above will help you achieve a successful pet shipping. If you require assistance while moving pets to Panama you can contact the experts at Panama Pet Relocation. With 17 years of experience, we have safely transported hundreds of pets like cats, dogs, birds, and other domestic and wildlife animals.

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