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How to Bring a Dog or Cat from Panama to USA: Whom to Contact.

January 7th, 2020 | Bring a Dog or Cat from Panama to USA

Importing pets to the USA from Panama demands careful preparation and strictly adhering to the plan. But the flip side is that USA pet import regulations are generally easier to follow than many other country rules.

Here’s some crucial information you need to know before taking pets from Panama to the USA. Go through the following passages for a complete overview so you can take adequate measures.

What Are the Requirements to Bring a Dog into the USA?

All dogs need to meet the following requirements, regardless of whether they are arriving in the country for the first or the fifteenth time. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) mentions that before you bring a dog or cat from Panama to the USA, the animal must possess a proper health certificate.

The health certificate has to include information like:

  1. The owner’s name and contact information
  2. The dog’s color, breed, sex, markings, age, and other identifying information
  3. Vaccination details: product name, date applied, expiration date, bath number
  4. Veterinarian’s name, license number, contact information, and signature

Contact the airline to learn their requirements before you bring a dog from Panama to the USA. Most airlines instruct that the owner must obtain the health certificate within 10 days of traveling. Also, depending on your pet’s weight, it may be required to be booked as cargo. In such a situation, check with your airline the required procedures.

What Documents Are Needed for Pets to Travel?

Though you don’t have to obtain a rabies vaccination certificate if you seek to bring a cat from Panama to the USA, it is necessary for dogs (or the vaccine record). Make sure to vaccinate your dog at least 30 days before arriving in the US. Cats do not really require rabies vaccine to travel to the USA, but it is always recommended to have it done.

Contact the USDA to obtain the list of import requirements before you bring pets from Panama to USA.

How Can I Bring My Pet to the USA?

All resident pets leaving Panama need to possess travel documents. If required by your airline, contact the Ministry of Agriculture in Panama to obtain an official export permit. Furthermore, to enhance your traveling experience, make your furry friend wear a collar with ID tags and your contact information. You should also get an adequate travel crate and other pet travel accessories.


As mentioned earlier, adopting the right measures to accomplish all the tasks is crucial when you seek to bring a pet from Panama to the USA. Therefore, make a plan and timeline to ensure that you obtain all the above within the deadline set by the airline.

If you need professional assistance, remember that Panama Pet Relocation is here to assist you. Feel free to reach us anytime.

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