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How to Take Dogs and Cats to Panama

January 1st, 2020 | Take Dogs and Cats to Panama

The process of taking pets to Panama from US is not complicated, only if you follow the right guideline. The last thing you would want is to reach the airport only to find that you are not allowed to travel because a document is missing. Don’t worry. We won’t let you face such a clumsy situation. Here we will discuss everything you need to know before relocating a pet to Panama. All you need is to adhere to this guideline and you are good to go.

Can You Bring Pets to Panama?

Sure you can, but only with the valid documents. Contact the airlines to learn their requirements you need to satisfy when you take dogs and cats to Panama. Here’s a quick glance:

1. Vaccination Certificate: Vaccinating your pet against rabies is a must. However, do not vaccinate the pets for rabies before their 3 months of age. Also, the last rabies shot of the pet must be a minimum of 30 days and not more than 12 months before entering the country. Further, dogs need to be vaccinated against Hepatitis, Distemper, Leptospirosis, and Parvovirus. On the other hand, cats have to be vaccinated against Calicivirus, Viral Rinotraqueitis, Panleucopenia.

2. Health Certificate: Obtain a health certificate from your vet to ensure that your furry friend is in the best of its health.

3. Treatment for Tapeworm and Ticks: Before bringing pets to Panama, a tick and tapeworm treatment is mandatory. The health certificate will contain the results of this treatment.

4. Copa Airlines Pet Policy: The Panama Airport Health Department will inspect the pet and also review the documents. Though your pet can enter the airport during regular business hours, the vets are available in the airport on weekdays from 9.00 A.M. to 3 P.M. and from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M. Therefore, if your flight is scheduled at a different time, you better make an arrangement to have a vet come to the airport and inspect your pet at your convenience. You can inform the Panama Agriculture Ministry or the Panama Ministry of Health to make this arrangement.

The regular pet entry fee is $16, but you need to pay an extra fee if you want to schedule the vet appointment at a different time. When you are taking dogs to Panama from the US, they must be tired and edgy. Therefore, you better arrange everything beforehand so that the entire procedure can be carried out smoothly.

How to Obtain Official Endorsement?

After authenticating the health and vaccination certificates by the USDA officials, you need to validate all these documents by the officials at the closest Panamanian consulate or apostilled them by the U.S. government. If you don’t want to go to the office, you may mail the documents by UPS or FedEx. Make sure to attach a return envelope and a money order of $30 for each document. You can also contact the local authorities to learn how to obtain an official endorsement on the documentation required by Panama.

What is Dog Quarantine Home?

The pet owners need to file for home quarantine to the Panama Ministry of Health at least 14 days before bringing dogs to Panama. It means that your pet will be quarantined at home for 40 days. You need to mention your arrival date, time, flight number, name, and passport number, pet information, and the duration the pet will stay in Panama. Also, you have to pay a fee of $130 in cash.

If you fail to inform the authority at least 3 days before arrival, the pet will be quarantined in a government facility. This can be strenuous for the pet.


Follow our guidelines and make a plan to ensure you obtain all the required documents within proper time frames. However, if you still have a query, feel free to reach us at 1-888-2138550 (US & Canada Toll-Free), +507-66741598 (Int’l Calls & WhatsApp), or +507-66196964 (Int’l Calls & WhatsApp).

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