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What are Some Facts You Must Know before Taking Pets to Panama?

November 26th, 2019 | Taking Pets to Panama

Pets are our best friends and we cannot be away from them for too long or move overseas without our loyal companions. We can’t deny the fact that traveling with pets can be challenging and nerve-wracking. However, the effort is worth the joy of having your pal by your side in a distant land. If you are taking pets to Panama or any other country for the first time, keeping a few facts in mind is essential. You can also consult and hire pet relocation services to get their valuable help and advice. Remember, pet relocation cannot be planned and carried out overnight. It requires long-term preparation for things to fall in place. To enlighten you on the expected challenges, we will share important facts to know.

Here are some facts you must know before relocating your pet:

1. Take your pet to the vet – Since your pet is not used to flying, traveling on a plane for the first time can be stressful or affect his health. Is your pet fit enough to bear the stress of traveling? Is vaccination date approaching? Is it necessary to keep emergency medications handy? To find answers to all of these questions, book an appointment with the vet. Other than examining your pet thoroughly, the vet can help you make the right decisions by clearing your doubts and answering all questions about your pet well-being.

2. Advance planning is essential – If you are taking dogs to Panama or any other place, you must comply with all the rules and documents needed for a hassle-free relocation. We recommend you to invest enough time to determine and pursue the best way to transport your pet overseas. Advance preparation is highly suggested so that you feel no last minute rush. It also keeps your mind stress-free, and will help your pet have a comfortable journey.

3. Hiring professionals to look after your pet – No matter how much you love your pet, it is not always possible for you to be by his side during the journey. You still can breathe a sigh of relief when you let pet relocation service professionals take care of your pet’s needs during your absence. From monitoring environment temperature to taking care of food and water for your loving pet, they provide warm and dedicated help. The experts also keep you updated on your pet’s flight and itinerary, and any kind of latest developments during the journey.

4. Train your pet before moving – Without proper training, your pet can get flustered when introduced to the airport environment. Moreover, your absence on the flight might cause more anxiety. To get your pet acquainted with the travel crate and surroundings, it is important to crate train your pet. Once he gets familiar with how the system works, it is going to be a lot easier for your pet to travel alone. Most importantly, you must try to keep a good mood at all times. An optimistic attitude will help your pet during the moving process.


If you are bringing pets to Panama or any other country, you have various aspects to look into. From visiting a vet to document preparation, an array of tasks have to be completed for a successful pet relocation. The facts discussed above can help you make the right decisions thereby making the journey worthy for you and your pet. If you need any advice before taking pets to Panama, you can contact Panama Pet relocation – a member of IPATA (International Pet and Transportation Association) since 2008. If you have any other inquiries, reach Panama Pet Relocation anytime at 1-888-213-8550 (US & Canada Toll-Free). +507-6674-1598 (Int’l Calls & Whatsapp), and +507-6619-6964 (Int’l Calls & Whatsapp).

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