Wildlife animals relocation service

CITES Birds, Exotic and Wildlife Animals

Birds, exotic and wildlife animals relocation

Tiger relocation

Secured wildlife relocation

Service includes:

  • Advise list of requirements to import/export birds and other exotic animals
  • Obtain import and/or export permits
  • Review all documents before traveling
  • For arrivals, take care of the pet customs clearance process.
  • For departures, take care of the cargo travel arrangements.
Birds relocation

Why Choose Panama Pet Relocation?

  • We have shipped and received pet birds, exotic animals, and wildlife animals
  • We have shipped wildlife animals to Zoological gardens
  • Knowledge of the import and export paperwork involved
  • Work with airlines, vets and local authorities in the travel arrangements
  • Have safely relocated hundreds of pets including dogs, cats, birds, and other domestic and wildlife animals
  • Member of IPATA, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association
  • Have over 350 agents in more than 80 countries to assist with your pet move

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