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How to Prepare First Hand for Taking Pets to Panama

October 30th, 2019 | Taking Pets to Panama

Pets bring so much joy to your day-to-day living and are the best stress busters. Their lovable tricks keep you engaged and fill your heart with love. The strong emotional bond you share with them means you must look for their comfort all the time. However, there can be times when you become anxious about their well-being, especially when it comes to taking pets to Panama or to any other destination. Yes, relocation, say to Panama, for a new job, business or leisure can have its perks, but when it comes to moving pets to Panama, the hassles can leave you and your pets stressed and concerned. So, how do you prepare for the big day? How to make the entire relocation process less stressful for your furry friend? Let us take you through the steps you should follow when taking pets to Panama.

Prepare and gather the necessary documents: Traveling to a different country always requires certain documents, which must be ready at the time of travel. Among the documents, a veterinary inspection certificate aka health certificate for your pet is mandatory. Importantly, the validity of this certificate for the authorities in Panama is 30 days from the date of its issuance. However, the airline may require the health certificate not to be older than 7 to 10 days before traveling.

Flying with brachycephalic pets: If your pet has a ‘snub-nosed’ face (brachycephalic) like a bulldog, pug or Persian cat, its short nasal passage can make it vulnerable to low levels of oxygen, especially in the cargo hold of a plane. You have to consult your veterinarian first and take special measures and extra care if you decide to move your snub-nosed pet to Panama by air.

Prepare your pet for travel: Anything out of the routine can make your pet anxious or nervous. So, introduce the ‘changes’ slowly. For example, bring the crate home a few days before the traveling, and let your pet get used to it. Then start placing the food inside the crate so that your pet becomes familiar with the enclosure. Keep his favorite toy or blanket in the crate and let him sneak inside occasionally on his own. Also, place some packing boxes around to let your pet exposed to their presence. Remember, relocation is going to be stressful as your pet is going to be alone in the crate for ‘some time’. However, you can reduce the level of stress by making him familiar with the surroundings.

Keep the day of travel less hectic: While taking pets to Panama, prepare most of the things in advance and do not leave anything for the last minute. For road trips, carry a pet bag containing pet food, water, disposable litterbags, first aid kit, and towels. If allowed by the carrier, put your used clothing inside the crate. The familiar smell will help to keep your pet calm during the journey. Check into the airport a few hours early, as the airline may take some time to complete paperwork and load the crate with your beloved pet inside.


Moving pets to Panama during relocation or vacation can be a stressful process. However, with proper planning, you can familiarize your pet with the ‘change’ and ensure he goes through the minimum level of discomfort. Finally, if you want to relocate to Panama along with your pet, contact us at 1-888-2138550 (US & Canada toll-free), +507-66741598 (International calls & WhatsApp), or +507-66196964 (International calls & WhatsApp.)

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