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Overcome the Top Trouble-causing Pointers of Pet Travel

July 31st, 2019 | All about pet relocation

Nothing can be compared to your pet wagging its tail at you when you come home. That is why even when you are relocating to another place, your pet should move with you. Having said that, there are so many complications you might encounter during the journey. It is advisable to know about these possible complications beforehand, so you can prepare for your travel accordingly.

Different problems faced before/during travel with a pet

Weather – Most airlines are very particular about having a pet with them onboard. They will not even accommodate the pet if the weather says that the temperature at origin or destination will increase or decrease by more than the normal temperature the pet can endure. That is when companies providing pet shipping services are of help. They know which airlines have temperature controlled areas and transportation units to go to/from the plane, avoiding pets to be exposed to such extreme temperatures.

Pet or no pet – When you are booking your flight, be sure to check if the airline allows a pet on-board or not. In case it doesn’t, finding other airlines that provide the service, keeping in mind the comfort of your pet is very tough. There are also a few companies that provide space to keep pets, but they don’t allow pets to be taken to all destinations in the world. A pet transport company is a perfect place to get all the necessary information about such airlines.

Breed – There are a lot of airlines with limitations on the breed of the pet you are taking with you. During your relocation, while booking the ticket (especially), you might not be told about the restrictions. Then, when you reach the airport, they will refuse to accept your pet onboard. Pet transport services are on good terms with the airlines and can help you to travel safely with your pet, regardless of the breed.

Paperwork – Moving with pets requires a lot of country-specific paperwork. While you might know about the paperwork needed for a few countries, some are not clear with their documentation and requirements. This paperwork includes the health certificates that are issued by certified veterinarians. There are common things usually required by all the countries, but others require a few specific things. For example, if you are bringing pets to Panama, you won’t need a pet passport, but if you are traveling within the European Community, a pet passport is a must. There are many times when you end up submitting all the correct paperwork, but there is not much time left for processing. Hiring pet shipping services like Panama Pet Relocation will bring welcome relief in these situations, as they tell you everything in detail about the documents that you need to have.

Route and travel – A lot of times it so happens that you don’t end up getting a direct flight from the place you are living to the place you want to relocate. In such situations, it becomes very troublesome to change flights with a pet in tow. Hiring a pet transport company will also ensure that even if you have a layover or have to change flights, it doesn’t hurt your pet and you have a comfortable journey. They also know the perfect crate size and type that pets should be kept in rather than the crates used at home.


You can get assistance from and hire an established pet shipping service that is also an IPATA member like Panama Pet Relocation to relocate your pet without any issues.

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