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Is Your Pet Afraid of Going to a New Place? Read These 4 Tips!

May 30th, 2019 | All about pet relocation

Moving to a new place like Panama can be exciting. A new journey, a new place, and a new fresh beginning. But have you ever thought about what is going on inside your pet’s mind? Is your cat/dog mentally ready to relocate to Panama? Perhaps not! While you are preparing for your upcoming journey, your pet might be confused and nervous seeing people coming and going, with suitcases and cardboard boxes scattered across the floor.

Taking pets to Panama can sometimes become a nightmare if you are not aware of how to deal with your pet’s anxiety and stress issues due to a change of place. Travel anxiety can affect animals and humans, so knowing the right ways to overcome this can be a great relief to you and your pet and help you both enjoy the trip!

Here are some important tips to deal with your pet’s anxiety issues and make your journey smooth and happy.

  1. Be careful about your attitude – Attitude is very important when making a big move; it causes a great impact on your surroundings. The same happens with your pet. Traveling and taking your pet to Panama is like a joint venture where you both have to cooperate with each other and make a deal. You know that there is going to be a change of environment for a few days but you don’t have to feel guilty about it! Instead, have a positive attitude in front of your pet; be optimistic and encouraging.

  1. Practice a few days earlier – Boarding a flight might be normal for you but not for your pet. Remember! Your pet will have to travel separately in a crate and not with you. Make your pet comfortable with the travel crate a few days or a month in advance. Gradually, let him/her get familiar with the feeling of staying in a crate. Begin with small intervals and slowly increase the time. You can put food inside the crate so that it becomes easier to stay inside. This way it won’t be a big deal once the day arrives and your pet is traveling inside the crate.

  1. Healthy separation is important – Everybody has his/her own private time. If your pet is very attached to you and follows you everywhere, you must train him/her to stay without you for some time during the day. It could be while you take a bath, when you go to sleep, or go out to the local store. You should make your pet realize that you are not always available. This way it will be easier for your pet to travel, even though you might not be present at his/her side all the time.

  1. Be enthusiastic – Your pet can already sense the smell of change in the air and is eagerly observing your behaviour. If you show an enthusiastic attitude, your pet may also have the same behaviour. Make your pet familiar with the change in advance; your pet should be flexible enough to adjust with change. You can start by shifting your pet’s bed to another area, give him/her something new to eat, go for a long drive to a new road, and so on. The more changes your pet sees (change in their daily routine), the easier it will be for them to travel to a new place.


Taking your pet to Panama can be a difficult task.

But if you contact a professional company like Panama Pet Relocation, traveling with your pet can become a smooth journey. Also, remember to practice the tips discussed above a month before you head to Panama so that anxiety doesn’t hit your pet hard and spoil your fun.

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