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  • Mario went above and beyond to get our dog to Switzerland. Loads of issues regards her microchip history didn’t daunt and he persisted until we had a confirmed flight. Suggested a pet hostel which was as caring and dedicated as Mario & his team. Huge thank you. Can’t give 6 stars & I wish I could.

    Liz Cassidy

  • Tengo un bulldog inglés de 8 años. La raza de por sí es muy delicada y al ser un perro de edad, era mucho mas riesgoso el viaje. Me mudé de Panamá a Miami y Pet Relocation fue mi primera opción, a pesar de las dificultados y pandemia, lograron reunirme con Enzo. Viajó en la noche para que no sufriera de calor, lo fueron a buscar en Panamá, apoyaron en todo el proceso de aduana, yo no tuve que hacer nada y lo más importante, se demostraron interesados por el bienestar de mi mascota, lo que me hizo sentir segura. Recomendados 100%

    Andrea Hidalgo Marti

  • Most satisfied and greatly relieved that my cat relocation was handled my Mario and his exceptional team…they went to sooo much trouble and special care to reunite me with my cat..Great job. I highly recommend them.

    Candace Lee Janse Van Rensburg

  • I appreciate all the help I got from Panama pet relocation. My cat got special treatment and I am so grateful. This pandemic has been hard on us all but just to be able to hug my kitty again thanks to Mario and Paola is joy I can’t measure. Thank you and God bless you.

    Brandy Miller

  • Great service from Mario and his team!! They brought me safely my two dogs, german shepherds, from Panama to Canada, amid all this pandemic situation. Mario was always attentive and available for all my questions and did give me an excellent guidance through all the process. Thank you very much. 100% recommended!

    Tony A. Peña

  • This is our second time using PPR. Due to the covid crisis, my husband was stuck in Roatan w our 4 dogs while I was here in Panama. As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving parts with moving from another country and then add 4 rescue dogs to the mix! PPR did a wonderful job putting my family back together.

    Tricia Garrett

  • Mario’s team helped me get my 2 dogs from the United States to Panama during Covid 19 … I can’t praise Mario’s team enough. I had to postpone everything so often but Mario and his team made it possible! The team kept me up to date and sent me pictures of the 2 dogs. I recommend Panama Pet Relocation Mario’s team to 100% if they can’t bring your pet to you, no matter where you are, then nobody can !! Many thanks to the whole team !!

    Lidia Lamm

  • I had an excellent experience with Panama Pet Relocation. We were trying to move two Ridgebacks from Barbados to Panama during Covid-19 and eventually managed with the help of Mario and team, including a layover of a couple of weeks in Miami. We are now reunited!
    LJ Maguire

  • Excelente servicio! Mis 5 gatos llegaran bien a Madrid. Gracias por la atencion y dedicacion
    Rosangela Monte Santo

  • Top of the line care and communication with our two 🐶🐶Huskies . We received regular updates and pictures of them. They took care of everything to help us get our furbabies from Panama to the USA during the lock down of Covid 19. The dogs have adjusted well and are enjoying their new adventure. I can’t say enough awesome things about Mario and his team. Highly recommend them! Thanks Panama Pet Relocation 😍
    Cynthia Lehman

  • Mario and Paola were amazing when I needed them the most. I was in the US. My dog was in Panama. The borders were closed because of the Covid pandemic. They helped me with every step to ensure that I was comfortable and my dog was well taken care of. We are reunited! I can’t thank Panama Pet Relocation enough. They are amazing!
    Paige Archer

  • We could not be happier with the services from Mario, Paola and Karine and his team. Mario had stuck with me over months, keeping me updated on airport and border situations changes that may make it easier for me to get her. (Months of me hoping we may be able to go home). We had left on what we thought would be a brief vacation, turned into a full on move due to Covid 19. Our baby Romi was being babysat in Panama (where we lived), while we went to visit family in Canada. After months of border closures with no signs of opening, we made the decision to move to Canada and bring Romi to us. We pulled the trigger with Mario and his team and within a week or 2 she was with us again. This was no easy task. We lived in a remote part of Panama only accessible by boat, and then a 10 plus hours drive to Panama City where she would fly out. Mario’s incredible team was able to meet “ground team Romi” right at the dock, and she was taken in a plush, air conditioned vehicle to the city. She spent 2 nights at a lovely pet hotel awaiting her flight. Given her breed- yet another hurdle for her (there is no passenger airline that will fly her breed, basically anywhere in the world), Mario was able to find an animal cargo flight that would allow her. The night of flying she was given a huge posh crate and escorted by Paola, who waited with her until she boarded. It was an overnight flight, and we heard as soon as her flight arrived, and then as soon as she made it through customs. Side note: Communication the WHOLE time, even me panicking in the middle of the night, was answered right away and was given updates super often Another side note: Mario and his team took care of all of the export/ import permits for Panama, USA and Canada. No small feat. Especially considering Panama provincial borders were closed, Panama’s national borders were closed, America’s national borders were closed, AND as were Canada’s. Talk about a hail mary! Romi then got in another big comfy ride to start her journey of driving from Miami to the Canadian border. (A very long 30 hour ish drive). We were updated every step of the way. We met her driver at the border. He was so kind, and even came back after we loaded her up to say good bye to her one last time. Officially a Canadian citizen now, Romi is adjusting to her new life as such 🙂 I can only imagine being in this industry, pets are babies to many of us, me included and dealing with emotions on live cargo- would have to be one of the most stressful jobs there is. So I sincerely from the bottom of my heart thank Mario and his team. For loving Romi as if she were your own, understanding us crazy pet parents and pulling off this flipping transport during a pandemic nonetheless. You have our 110% endorsement and recommendations to anyone having to move a pet. To have her back has filled our hearts.
    Keri Borden

  • Panama Pet Relocation were extremely helpful trying to move two boxers from San Pedro Sula to Miami. Mario answered all the million questions I have. Both babies arrived safely to Miami and are now on the way home to Raleigh, NC. Is stressful to put your dogs or loved pets in someone else’s hands but I can assure you can trust your fur babies to this company.
    Michelle Ramirez

  • This was our 2nd time using Panama Pet Relocation (as they originally assisted us with our first move from Miami to Panama for our beloved Mini Goldendoodle). During COVID-19, we were unsure and nervous to have our dog return to Miami (as the only way was via cargo). Mario and his team reassured us through every step of the process. They even helped us with providing an amazing recommendation for a Pet Hotel (with the majority being closed in Panama) and a perfect kennel for his transport as well. In a nutshell, Mario and his team assisted with every single detail and were always responsive, day or night. We really felt that our furry family member was in the best of hands and sure enough he made it safely and as scheduled to Miami. We would never dream of shipping a pet internationally with any other service. Thank you to Mario and his entire team in Panama. They are THE BEST!
    Dianna Upton

  • My heart is full this morning as I sit here with my fur babes after a nearly three month separation because of Covid 19. Let me be the first to say, I am not an easy client. I have four dogs who mean the world to me and usually ask tons of questions so I understand completely. Mario and his team remained patient and answered every question carefully even after we changed gears multiple times during Covid. He kept us posted as soon as they were allowed to start sending dogs. My dogs are older and I was incredibly worried for their ability to handle the transport. However, Paola sent me pics of her family loving on them all day as they waited for their flight. I cannot begin to say how much this helped reduce my concerns and confirmed to me they would be ok. The minute she put them on the plane, she messaged me to send her pics the minute I had them in hand. They were just as concerned for their well being and I felt this. We had some last minute changes and Mario adjusted my fees quickly without even having to ask. This is a top notch business and I would not hesitate to use them again. You cannot go wrong. Fair prices to boot! Thank you Mario, Paola and team! ❤️❤️❤️
    Carla Chavez

  • Panama Pet Relocation nos ayudó a reunirnos con nuestros perros durante la crisis del COVID-19. Empezamos a cotizar en 2019 pero la mudanza se retrasó para 2020 sin saber lo que nos esperaría con la pandemia. Pese a eso y a todos los intentos de traerlos en Marzo, no fue posible. Luego de estar dos meses en Panamá en una guardería, Mario y su equipo hicieron su mejor esfuerzo para que Lila y Compota lleguen sanos y salvos a Miami. Gracias por la comprensión, la paciencia y por habernos explicado todo con detalles para no generar más ansiedad en este difícil momento. Super recomendados!
    Micaela Saccone

  • We used Panama Pet Relocators from Denver 2-26-20 to Boquete,Panama. I highly recommend there services! They arrived on time to our home in Denver to pick up our 3 mini Dachshound’s. They arrived on 2-28-20 to our home in Boquete,Panama. We received pictures of our dogs when they stayed over night in very nice pet hotels and the communication with Mario, Paolo, and Karina and Alexis was beyond our expectations. This was the first time we had traveled with our babies to another county and we are so glad we choose this team and company. I highly recommend them! Thank you to everyone on the team you are wonderful! Our dogs have settled in and are all very happy!
    Candy Biederman

  • I highly recommend Panama Pet Relocation . Mario and his team did a great job getting our three large dogs from San Pedro Sula , Honduras to Miami, Fl. Mario and his team really worked with us and we felt so comfortable with the process.. The dogs all arrived in great condition and they are happily adjusting to their new home in the USA. Thanks Mario and team!!!!
    Carlos Patschke

  • Panama Pet Relocation made the process super easy. It was well worth the cost as you know that it will be done right. If you care about your little animal enough to move her/him from point A to B, then you owe it to your little friend to use Panama Pet Relocation.
    L Chapman

  • I would like to thank the team at Panama Pet Relocation for the fantastic job they did in relocating our 2 dogs from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Paris, France. Our relocation was a long time in planning and we looked at the many options available. In the end we chose Panama Pet Relocation as they made us feel the most comfortable with their processes and we felt that they were most appropriate people to care for our girls. We were particularly concerned with transporting our 13 year old over such a long distance. However, with their approach to planning throughout this process, they were able to appease our concerns and were only too happy to patiently answer our multitude of questions. During transportation it was very comforting to receive frequent updates and as well as photographs, and this further eased our anxieties. Once in Paris, the agent (Goldenway Pets International), that Panama Pet Relocation had arranged to process the dogs through customs was very efficient, prompt and helpful. Highly Recommended.
    Steve Faulkner

  • Excelente servicio, mi mascota Erny llego sin problemas con nosotros su familia Honduras-USA
    Karlita Ram

  • Panama Pet Relocation did a great job of shipping our cat Tesi from the US to Boquete in Panama. They kept us informed with messages and photos and when she arrived she was in good condition. We would not hesitate to use them again or to recommend them
    Michael Corcoran

  • We had a great experience with PPR. In June they transported our dog from Honduras to Portland, Oregon. We scheduled it several months in advance. The whole team was professional, very quick to respond to emails, and sent us photos and updates along the way. We got notification from the team that she had landed as soon as the tracking was updated (as we were checking too!). It was totally worth the price to have them take care of everything. I would definitely recommend them.
    Amber Schultz

  • Mario and his team did a really good job relocating my 2 dogs from Tegucigalpa to IAD-Dulles. I had a peace of mind knowing that my dogs finally were coming home. Mario kept us posted of everything and/or step that was been done in the whole process. Thank you very much Panama Pet Relocations for making our dream of having our dogs with us come true!
    Nidia Raudales

  • I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who wants to relocate their pet, Mario and his team did an outstanding job with the whole process from the beginning to the end.
    Eduardo Diaz

  • Best company for moving pets.
    Pauli Jaffe Bokor

  • Muchas gracias Mario, Paola y Karina por todo el apoyo y las gestiones realizadas para trasladar a Chester hacia de El Salvador a San Francisco. Excelente servicio y muy recomendado. Les estaré siempre agradecida que me ayudaron en todo para poder moverme con Chester a nuestro nuevo hogar. Bendiciones.
    Kareen Aguilar

  • Mario and his group did an amazing job of relocating my 2 dogs and 2 cats from Panama to Canada. There were some hiccups, but they were dealt with very professionally. My furry family are all safe and in one piece. Highly recommended!!!!! Thank you Panama Pet Relocation from the bottom of my heart!!!
    Julie-Anne Bolton

  • Of course I do appreciate all the effort everything they did to move. My dog from El Salvador to Miami they did a awesome job…
    Diego Callejas

  • Mario and his team did an excellent job relocating our two dogs (1 large German Shepherd & a medium sized Spitz) from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Miami. They were incredibly professional, understanding that these two pups are essentially our kids, replied back to emails almost immediately even on weekends, helped us plan the weeks leading up to their departure for shots and documents and the day of we had routine communication and we were regularly updated on the status of the dogs. I will use them again for any future moves and highly recommend them.
    Kate Patricia

  • Panama Pet Relocation helped me move 3 dogs to Portugal. They helped me through all the procedures of getting the required EU documents in order. When the time came, they monitored the animals flights and sent me pictures or gave me status updates. I am really pleased with their patience and the good communication from the beginning to the end of the service. They did a great job and I highly recommend them. They are the best option for your pets and for you during a stressful time.
    Jamuna Burry

  • Mario, Karina, and Paola were so helpful helping me get my dog Susi from Chiriqui, Panama to Denver. They were excellent at communicating, they were quick, and they were personable. I would highly recommend using Panama Pet Relocation. Thanks for everything PPR!

    Lucy Sperr

  • Tenemos que agradecer de todo corazon el increible trabajo que Panama Pet Relocation ha realizado con nuestro Ramoncin. Despues de meses consultando a varias empresas de transporte de animales, aerolineas etc en el ultimo momento nos decian que no, que era imposible transportar un bulldog ingles a Europa desde Panama. Hasta que encontramos Panama Pet Relocation, su magnifico trabajo hizo que Ramon pudiese llegar a Europa reduciendo al maximo los riesgos que pueden haber en un viaje largo. Ellos tuvieron mucho en cuenta los horarios de los vuelos para que estuviese bien y no le afectara la temperatura, cuidandolo mucho tambien en los aeropuertos. Y Ramon llego feliz y contento. Muchisimas gracias!

    Toni Sanchez

  • Panama Pet Relocation is top notch. PPR (Mario, Paola and Karina) transported a kitty to me from Panama City, Panama to the United States (Boston, MA). I was a bit nervous over the idea of not being able to be on the flight also and PPR explained the entire process to me and kept in communication with me throughout, making it easier than expected to put my trust into the process. I could not have asked for better service. Thank you so much once again, Mario, Paola and Karina! P.S. for all of the animal lovers: Also checkout Spay Panama and their mission.
    Jamie Gendron

  • Hello Karina and IPATA team,

    We have been planing this trip for Emy (our dog) since summer of 2018. Emy’s trip was from La Lima, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, her first home, to Los Alamos, New Mexico, her destination home.

    I had been working with Mario and the IPATA team since then. I was very uneasy with the process as Emy had to be driven from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa, not a very safe drive when one had to leave around 5am to be ahead of the traffic and of course she had to be boarded at a vets place that we did not know, before her flight to Houston the next day, all by herself.

    Mario and the team responded to all of our questions and concerns. They seemed to know that we were concerned and responded with understanding. Emy was placed at the vet in Tegucigulpa and Josue (also on the IPATA team in Tegucigalpa) picked her up the next day and boarded her on her flight. She arrived and was promptly picked up by her escort in Houston and was driven to Los Alamos. Emy arrived in very good shape.

    Thank you very much for your understanding and care regarding one of our family members. We gratefully appreciated your assistance in this endeavor and wish that all other animals experience the same success story.

    Thank you

  • Dedicación y mucho amor por las mascotas. Con nuestra Gin, la cuidaron y la trajeron a nuestra nueva casa desde Panama a Colombia! Gracias Paola y Mario!
    Amanda Sierra Méndez

  • Thank you to Panama Pet Relocation and their wonderful staff for getting our Nicaragua rescue dog to us in the United States. They kept us posted on his well-being the entire trip and worked miracles to get him to us in a short time frame. Thank you.
    Michell Davis Nobach

  • Una empresa confiable y professional nos Dio solucion inmediata en la mudanza con nuestro perrito Dartanian!!! Gracias
    Cecilia D Roberts

  • Thanks to Mario and Josué for bringing our dog Eva from Honduras to Atlanta. Great service, very patient and professional.
    Amelia Velásquez-Carvajal

  • Mario and his colleagues handled my dog´s move from Nicaragua to Belgium in record time, with constant communication and follow-up. Couldn´t have asked for a better service! Thank you!
    Maite Couvreur

  • Panama Pet Relocation was so attentive and professional. We were so nervous to send our little mini Goldendoodle to Panama (from Miami) but they did an outstanding job and really put our minds at ease. Our baby arrived safe and sound and everyone was happy. Thank you Mario and Paola!
    Earl Upton

  • Mario and his team moved our 2 cats from Panama to Copenhagen, Denmark and they both arrived without problems.
    During the planning process Mario and his team responded to the numerous questions we had and it helped us to be
    comfortable with the move.
    We can highly recommend Panama Pet Relocation.
    Tina Lomholdt Larsen

  • Panama Pet Relocation really set out minds at ease. Moving two dogs from Hawaii to Panama has been a big challenge; however, the team at PPR made the process easy and painless.
    Melissa Mansfield

  • I have enjoyed the companionship of two Hairless Sphynx kitties for more than a decade.
    The kitties have never been separated from one another during their lifetimes.
    They both have compromised immune systems, multiple health concerns and special dietary needs.
    Stress and trauma trigger adverse physical consequences which further weaken their immune resilience.

    These concerns were compounded by the confusing and conflicting immigration bureaucracy in my new country.
    The process could not be confidently navigated to ensure immediate recovery of my precious kitties at destination.
    And I knew delay and disruption of their regular care could cause dire medical conditions.

    But fortunately, I found Panama Pet Relocation and quickly became comfortable with your demonstrated knowledge and experience.
    You thoroughly addressed each concern and ‘special needs’ with understanding, compassion and competence.
    You effectively explained each detail under your control and how you manage those beyond your control.
    You adeptly integrated their health complexities into the complicated process.
    And ultimately, you impressed with your service and flawless execution.

    For this, I remain forever grateful for all your consideration and assistance.
    With sincere and fond regard.

  • Excelente servicio mi mascota llego muy bien gracias al equipo que hace posible que nosotros lo humanos no reencontremos con nuestros hijos peludos 🐶🐶
    Jennifer Rosales

  • Excelente servicio! facil y rapido… 👌🏻
    Alberto Maradiaga

  • Excelente servicio. Una experiencia inolvidable. Gracias a todo el equipo por el trabajo realizado para el traslado de mi mascota. Muy responsables y con mística de trabajo. Mil gracias.
    Jacqueline Da Silva Moar

  • Professional with a capital “P” – Very communicative and reassuring throughout the entire process of getting our dog from Honduras to Atlanta
    Lisa Irby

  • Le empresa ha llevado mis dos gatos de Panamá hacia Rio de Janeiro – Brasil. El servicio fue muy bueno y cumplieron con todo lo que estaba acordado. La comunicación también fue muy efectiva durante todo el proceso. Recomendo de ojos cerrados!!!
    Aluisio Barretto

  • Finally got my cocker spaniel out of Nicaragua and in USA after many false starts. So tricky to organise from the other side of the world. Mario and the team were extremely communicative and competent. Very thankful;)

    Panama Pet Relocation you guys are life savers!! So happy I engaged you for Coco’s relocation. To organise from the other side of the world is extremely tricky and then for there to be a political situation at the same time, even harder. So grateful to Mario and the team for their work! Well worth the money.

    Sonia Young Shwabsky

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