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  • Moving to Panama from California was stressful and complicated by itself…add 3 senior dogs and it looks to be impossible! Thanks to PPR our old pack was set up for success on the departure and greeted in Panama City before we could even find our luggage! Paola and her team really went above and beyond helping with our 9 trunks of luggage and 3 dog carriers… into two cars and up two flights of stairs at our apartment! Great customer service! Mario was very patient in the weeks leading up to the departure and answered every question I threw at him. Thanks for getting our four legged family to Panama! You guys are the BEST!
    Sharna Kahn

  • Necesitábamos mover nuestro perrito desde El Salvador hasta Montreal, siendo un bulldog inglés, era muy difícil su traslado tenían q ser vuelos cortos y muy delicados, fue un largo recorrido vía USA, pero excelente, un trato excelente nuestro Champ Ayrton no poda estar mas consentido! Estuvo en las mejores manos, con ayuda de Mario y Monica, en constantes emails y mensajes de WhatsApp, ellos siempre nos mantuvieron al tanto de todo, a pesar de los nervios que nosotros teníamos y la insistencia siempre ellos nos informaron de todo y sin problemas mayores, fue todo un éxito y aquí estamos disfrutando de la nieve, no pudo estar en mejores manos nuestro Champ Ayrton, feliz ya hace 2 meses que está con nosotros nuestro gordito, lo recomiendo totalmente, son excelentes y sin dudas saben lo que hacen, un viaje tan largo lo hicieron ver tan fácil y posible, nos cumplieron nuestro sueño que lo creíamos muy difícil, casi imposible! Mil gracias Mario y Monica!! Estamos muy agradecidos y felices con nuestro gordito en nuestro nuevo hogar juntos.
    Ileana GL

  • We had Panama Pet Relocation help us move two cats from Managua, Nicaragua to Houston, TX USA and everything went great with no issues. Mario and José were always very helpful and knowledgeable about the process.

  • Thank you so much most especially to Mario Villar and Jose Rodolfo for taking good care of our Peppy traveling from Managua to Miami! They do all the travel documents for our beloved dog. We highly recommend them! She is now here so safe and living happily with us! Gracias! – Luis/Grace
    Grace Fuster

  • Excelente servicio.. la amabilidad insuperable. La atención maravillosa. Es la segunda vez que trabajamos con Pet relocation.. Y la verdad.. las experiencias fueron inmejorables Muchas gracias
    Josette Becher

  • Gracias Mario y su equipo mis pugs llegaron felices y sanos a su destino
    Viaje largo y agotador pero hicieron todo para suavizar el traslado
    Mil gracias
    E C

  • I want to thank Mario and his team in Honduras, Josue and his teammate. Great customer service from all involved. Mario answered all my 1000 questions and dozens of emails. First time ever for a move like this and he explained everything and set my mind at ease. Thank you!
    Jackie Lipscomb

  • Quiero darle las gracias Al señor Mario vilar y su equipo mi familia está infinita mente agradecida ya que me mandaron completos sanos y salvos mis 7 gatitos de panama 🇵🇦 a la Suiza 🇨🇭 muchas gracias son los mejores.
    Dany Medina

  • I moved 2 cats from Denver, CO to Bocas del Toro, Panama. Needless to say, I was very nervous! The team was so great and helped me through every step of the process. I got regular updates on how my cats were doing all the way up to checking in to see if we made it to our home from the airport. Great service!
    Krista Shoe

  • Trasladamos dos perros desde El Salvador a Estados Unidos.
    Nuestros perros llegaron en excelentes condiciones y durante todo el viaje Mario nos mantuvo informados.
    La comunicación que Mario mantuvo con nosotros desde el primer email fue muy buena y con mucha paciencia contestó las miles de preguntas que le hice, también se aseguró que nuestros perros viajaran la fecha que nosotros teníamos programada.
    Mónica en El Salvador también fue de mucha ayuda al preparar los kennels para el viaje y al transporar a los perros desde nuestra casa al aeropuerto.
    Recomendamos PPR sin dudarlo.
    May Aquino

  • I needed to move my Labrador retriever from Austin to Santa Ana, El Salvador. Mario did a great job of explaining the process, setting schedules and and making sure that we had all of the proper paperwork. No problems, no surprises, only great communication and service.
    Molly was picked up at my home by two wonderful people that made fast friends with Molly. She took the flight from Austin to Houston and spent the night in the United Pet Hotel. The next morning she was on the plane to San Salvador. In San Salvador she was picked up by two more wonderful people and driven through unusually heavy traffic, road construction and extreme delays., but I was kept up to date through the entire process. I always knew where Molly was, and how she was coping with the trip. Delivered to my fiance’s door in Santa Ana, and a picture of the happy group was sent to me.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend Panama Relocation to anyone! Mario and his people are the best!
    David Higgins

  • Panama Pet Relocators helped us enormously both coming to Panama and returning to Texas. Mario practically held our hand as we wove our way through the paperwork and proceedures of moving Woody internationally. We know beyond a doubt we could not have done all this on our own.
    Greg y Linda

  • Very friendly and competently team. Mario and Paola managing all Paperwork needed in Panama. They picked up the dog at the Airport and made transfer to the Hotel. Paperwork and all stuff around like talkin to the Airport medical Teammember etc. was done very accurate. Makes Live much easier……every time again. Thanks to Mario and Paola…..

  • Debi trasladar a Sombra, mi mascota, mestizo de schnauze de cuatro años desde Panama hasta Charlesto y haberlo hecho con Mario, Panama Pet Relocation funcionó de maravilla.
    Las instrucciones precisas, recogida puntual y en un vehiculo confortable. Lo mejor de todo fue la iformacion constante y actualizada.
    Sombra llegó muy bien y yo sumamente satisfecha con el servicio y agradecida con la constante comunicacion de Mario sobre el estatus del traslado.
    No dudo en recomendarlos
    Adela Hurtado

  • We needed to get two cats and an 85 pound dog from San Salvador to Washington, DC in July. Mario worked with us to explain our various options then coordinated the schedule with the airlines and handled the paperwork. Having shipped animals on my own before, having someone else handle all of this made life much easier. I also have to compliment Monica, who was great with our dog and our very nervous cats.
    One of the most important things for me is the level of communication from Mario and Monica, they sent pictures and confirmed flight arrivals and departures. I wish every pet shipper I have worked with was as proactive as they are.
    Peter Anthes

  • We needed to find a way to get our 2 dog’s, Tango and Disco from Dallas, TX to Nueva Gorgona, Panama. After doing much research we called Panama Pet Relocation. From the minute I called and spoke with Mario I knew this was right. Due to the breed of dogs, Boston Terrier, we had special needs. Domestically they could not fly cargo. It was summer and too hot. Mario started planning and came up with a solution. He hired a company to drive them from Dallas to Ft. Lauderdale. In Ft. Lauderdale another company did all of the paperwork prep, Vet exam, USDA stamps and Panama Consulate stamps. Then they were put on a special cargo plane to Panama. Mario’s team met them at the Panama airport for the Vet exam and then drove them to our new home in Nueva Gorgona. Although it was a 10 day process, Mario was on top of every single detail and made what we thought was impossible, possible. We are so amazed how this went so well. Thanks to Mario and his team to reunite us with our Furr Babies in Panama. If you have a need for pet relocation it is a call away and you’ll be thankful for Panama Pet Relocation. Great job Mario!
    Gary Trotter

  • Great experience! Mario and Monica arranged the transport of my El Salvador rescued street dog flawlessly. Thanks to their efficient and professional service… less dog is dying on the streets due to neglect. I could not have got her to the USA without someone there knowing exactly what and how things needed to be done to get all her records and paperwork to the proper channels and the airline reservations booked. Expensive but worth the cost to have my little baby finally in a home and safe here. God bless Mario and Monica. Jesus loves all His creatures and He saves both man and beast~ Psalm 36:6

  • Our cat Loki arrived safe and sound in London after a very long journey from Colombia. Mario was in touch with us from the beginning to the end of the process, giving us advice about documents needed and always answering my anxious emails very quickly. I highly recommend this service!
    Rhiannon Lambe

  • My husband contacted Mario to handle our 9 yr old beagle’s (Jackson) entry into Panama last week. We brought him on the plane with us, but after arriving at the airport in Panama City, we were at a loss what to do, and the language barrier would have been a daunting experience for us. Poula met us at baggage claim, and escorted our dog through his process while we gathered our luggage and got through immigration. She met us on the other side with Jackson. Thank you Mario, your team made a real difference in our experience of moving to Panama with our pet.
    Panama Pet Relocation
    Bj Wilson

  • Walked us through exactly what was needed and to expect. Handled the process upon arrival in Panama. Managed to clear our cat faster than we cleared ourselves! Most certainly would use again and happy to recommend.
    Grayson Walker

  • Mario was awesome. He arranged shipment of my dog from El Salvador to the US last week. She’s doing great! Mario is extremely responsive and organized. The process was seamless. Next move we make we are using them again. It’s worth every penny!
    Megen Channell

  • Mario, Thank you for some of the best customer service I’ve seen! From the first message / phone call; you were there, graciously, every step of the way! (Including follow ups after arrival to residence).
    For anyone reading this… 100% recommendations for Mario and Panama Pet Relocation!!!
    TBird Mateka

  • Seamless process, always helpful and reachable. Eddie Napoleon went to Miami from Tegucigalpa without a hitch. Will use them again.
    Arturo Girona

  • Tuvimos un viaje a asia a ultimo momento y necesitabamos transportar nuestro gato a Nueva York, ya que estabamos contra tiempo Mario fue un apoyo esencial para el transporte. La cotizacion nos parecio elevada pero luego entendimos lo elaborado que era enviar a nuestro mascota. Cabe destacar que en Nueva York habia un tema de temperaturas muy bajas la cual cambio la fecha del transporte, sin embargo Mario nos mantuvo informados de los detalles que iban surgiendo. Mario tambien nos apoyo con la documentacion que necesitabamos ya que nosotros tuvimos que viajar dias antes que nuestra mascota y el se encargo de buscar y llevar documentos. Estamos muy agradecidos con toda la gestion y recomendamos Panama Pet Relocation.
    Edward Perdomo

  • When I first started looking into the process of shipping our dog from Panama to the US, it looked so daunting! I was advised by my employer to contact Copa Cargo. I’m sure there are many people who have had perfectly good experiences with Copa Cargo, but several colleagues who had used them told me that it took weeks just to communicate with them. I happened to come across a recommendation for Panama Pet Relocation and contacted Mario. He responded to my email within an hour of receipt. He answered all my questions promptly and really made me feel good (and at peace) about the decision to go with Panama Pet Relocation. The day of pick-up came and everything went smoothly. Noah arrived in Miami early the next morning, safe and sound. Everything went without a hitch! Many thanks to Mario and his team!
    Alice Fugate Seddon

  • El servicio fue genial , un equipo que trabaja de acuerdo a los estándares de excelencia, mi mascota se sintió como en familia, la información del viaje fue en todo momento, cuidaron cada detalle, algo que me encantó, fue que cuando salí a recibirlo, estaba fuera del Kennel, la persona que me lo entregó lo traía en brazos, fue como si solamente hubiera salido a dar un paseo!!!. Realmente quedé muy contenta con el servicio!!!, muchas gracias!!!
    Maria Julia Quiroga

  • Mario was amazing! Helped me bring two stray beach dogs that I fell in love with out of El Salvador. Very professional, very responsive and very flexible! Thanks so much for going above and beyond. LOVE THEM!
    Jennifer Elizabeth

  • In late February of 2017, my wife and I relocated back to the United States from Panama. Three years ago we shipped our two American Allaunt dogs with us. After seeing how horrified and traumatized our dogs were on arrival, I promised myself that I would use a more professional company on the return trip should we ever need to.
    From what I noticed, there were really only two to choose from. Having used the other on the trip to Panama., I opted to use Panama Pet Relocation instead.
    I made contact with Mario Vilar, and seemed to become friends almost immediately. His outgoing personality, level of professionalism, and attention to every little detail required was quite impressive. He basically took my hand and walked me through every aspect of the required paperwork process in order to meet our deadlines.
    Since I was shipping two dogs through his company, I thought I would ask if he might consider offering a discount. He immediately responded and did offer a substantial discount. I really was not expecting such a positive response.
    The day of our travel, I brought the dogs to the Cell Phone parking lot at PTY Tocumen Airport and was informed of exactly who I should be looking to meet up with by name and described motor vehicle.
    The employees were on time and very professional. It is said that we get judged by the company we keep. That statement was a direct reflection of of the quality of their services provided. I was very comfortable leaving my pets with this company although my flight departed hours before my pets did.
    Mario was in communication with me up until my flight departed with photos of the dogs resting happily out of their kennels. As ‘parents’, I know this is very important to those of you that also must make such an important decision when shipping your pets.
    What a difference! Our dogs arrived happy, healthy, intact and ready to get home when we picked them up in Florida.
    In closing, I would absolutely recommend Panama Pet Relocation to any and all ‘parents’ shipping their pets to or from Panama. I would not suggest using any other company based on my personal experiences. I enjoy giving credit where credit is due, and Mario Vilar and his team deserved nothing less than a 5 star review.
    Thank you all at Panama Pet Relocation!
    Shawn Marando

  • I come to Mario for all my complicated pet moves — first from Korea to Paraguay, then two years later from Paraguay to the US. I really appreciate the door to door service, attention to detail, careful coordination with airlines, and constant updates. Most important, I appreciate that my golden retriever arrives happy and well after long flights and multiple transits thanks to Mario’s extensive network of five-star support staff around the globe. So grateful for such excellent service!
    Leslie Bassett

  • Mario arranged for our dog, Bobby, to travel from Panama to Houston a few weeks ago, and we could not recommend their service highly enough. From the quote process all the way to the follow-up after receiving our dog in the US, Mario was extremely diligent, responsive and showed a genuine concern for our dog’s wellbeing. Do not look elsewhere, your pet will be in the best hands if using Panama Pet Relocation! Thank you so much for making Bobby’s trip as stress-free as possible!
    Alvaro Muñoz

  • Mario and his team did an extraordinary job with the complicated air/land/sea move of two of our dogs. Even when an unexpected severe storm canceled a connecting flight and stranded them overnight in a different country, Mario was right on top of it. Just as important, his constant communication and availability (and patience!) kept us two anxious dog parents on the right side of sanity!
    Gary Scott Lewis

  • Mario is the best! His professionalism is impeccable. His team retrieved our cat from a rural mountain village in Honduras, hours of bumpy travel from anywhere, took her to a vet and accomplished all of the required paperwork, and delivered her safely to us in the USA. Amazing! He even sent photos of her in transit. Highly recommend Panama Pet Relocation. Thank you, Mario!
    Miranda Davies, MA

  • Muchas gracias a Mario Vilar y todo su equipo por enviar a Alfie desde Panamá hasta Omán! Excelente servicio y sobre todo muy reponsables y dedicados. Nuestro contacto fue a través de e-mail prácticamente durante todo el proceso y vale destacar que siempre obtuve respuestas claras y rapidas. Sin dudas los recomiendo para todos aquellos que tengan que trasladar a una mascota! Saludos!
    Martin Cejas

  • Mario & Jose were great helping us bring our dogs into Nicaragua. They made sure our dogs were well cared for and kept us posted at every step. They were able to adjust when our first flight was cancelled and to coordinate with folks on the U.S. side. I highly recommend them for your pet relocation needs.
    Alison Berry

  • Mario and team:
    Thank you for the coordination of safe transport of our dog (a lab mix) from Portland Oregon to Medellin Colombia. When we learned that Cooper’s kennel was too large to fit in many airlines…I panicked. If Cooper couldn’t go we couldn’t go!! Panama Pet Relocation to the rescue. Coordination with other IPATA members was excellent! And Cooper arrived safely in Bogota for Customs. We learned that there was only one airline company that could transport the large kennel to Medellin…and they also provided to the door delivery service at 3:am. Mission accomplished!

  • We found Mario and Karina great to work with. Perlita,s trip to Colombia from Panama was easy and painless. Thanks so much.
    Purl Retsina

  • Confié el viaje de Indigo mi Pastor Australiano desde Miami a Medellín con Mario y Hector. Acomodaron mi urgencia y logramos organizar todo en una semana. Fueron los más atentos y profesionales, respondiendo mis 1,001 preguntas y whastapps a todas horas. Cuidaron de mi perrito como si fuera yo quien viajará con él y lo llevaron hasta la puerta de mi casa en Medellín. Se merecen 5 estrellas por su calidez y servicio, los recomiendo de corazón.
    Melissa Marquez

  • Great servicGreat service. Chilli and Fender are now happily living in UK. Thank you!
    Alessandra Lamont Barriae. Chilli and Fender are now happily living in UK. Thank you!
    Alessandra Lamont Barria

  • Thank you so much Panama Pet Relocation and to our contact person Mario Vilar for such a professional work relocating our dog Kaya from Nicaragua to Spain. Mario and his team made us fell very confident and they help us with everything so that we did not have to be worried. I would highly recommend their service to everyone else that a planning to relocate their pet!
    Elisabeth Rozycki

  • Mario and co. did great work arranging transportation of all four of our cats from Panama to Houston, including arranging temporary accommodation for them after arrival. We just couldn’t have done it without them! Their service was exemplary from start to finish. A very friendly and professional company. Thanks to Mario, Karina and everyone else involved!.
    Jane Ellis

  • Excelente mi experiencia moviendo a mis 3 pets de Panamá a España. Estuvieron disponibles todo el tiempo, explicando todos los procesos, las mascotas llegaron super bien a Madrid; la parada en Amsterdam con el hotel de KLM definitivamente que ayudó a cortar el viaje y llegaron cómo si nada.
    Los recomiendo 100%.
    Ximena Lasa

  • Thank you so much Panamá PET Relocation!!! Karina and Mario were amazing and extremely patient on helping me relocate Emma to Dubai. The made sure to always do their best on giving precise answers to millions of questions and thousands of phone calls or texts to make me feel confident about Emma’s safety. I received photos and texts all along her journey. Even the person they contacted in Dubai that was in charge of dealing with paperwork, customs and transport, was amazing. Emma arrived happy and safe.
    I highly recommend their service to any other pet owner who wishes to move in or out Panamá.
    Viviana Milella

  • Simply put, if you love your pets, do not trust them to anyone else. If you want peace of mind, go with Panamanian Pet Relocation. They treated my pets with the same love and care that I would have,
    but they are a lot smarter about getting through customs than I will ever be. One of our cats had a skin issue that initially caused the vet to refuse entry. Mario convinced the vet to let her through. Copa Airlines initially refused to fly our 14 year old dog to Boquete. Once again, Mario came through and changed their mind.
    Transport pets to Panama ??
    Not without Panama Pet Relocation !
    Happy customers, Ray & Kirsten Quimby, Spirit, Jessie, Sunny and Graysen

  • Panama Pet Relocation was exceptional to work with. Mario patiently answered my 101 questions with confidence and proved that they are the experts in international pet relocation. We transported an older black labrador from Bogota to Fort Lauderdale and they handled him with care and with love. You can rest assured when you call or email you will receive a response with a few hours, often the same day – unlike many of their higher priced competitors. We would highly recommend them to any one looking to transport a pet domestically or internationally, and definitely plan on using them again. Please feel free to contact me for a direct reference.,
    John M.

  • My daughter rescued a puppy when she was in Panama for a festival and reached out to Mario for assistance to get her back to our home in Colorado. PPR is absolutely THE BEST! We could not have navigated through this on our own. Mario and Karina took care of so much and we felt supported and confident throughout the entire process. Mario was always quick to answer my emails, send pictures and work with the vet in Panama City. Estrella arrived in Colorado safely. I COMPLETELY recommend PPR. Dealing with Mario and Karina was AWESOME!, Jeanne R.

  • Excellent work from Mario and Karina, Sam’s travel was great, they resolved all our issues to bring him to Netherlands from Panama; follow up was great! Many thanks!

  • Thank you so much , Panama Pet Relocation , for getting Amber back home again safely . From our first meeting right up until I had Amber in my arms again your service and diligence was 5 stars. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to use your services. Thank you for being so caring and passionate about your business . Best regards, Janet

  • Panama Pet Relocation did a fantastic job transporting our Golden Retriever Luke from Florida to Panama. The handled all the logistics and paperwork on very short notice. Luke arrived on schedule without a hitch — healthy, happy and safe! The best part was the excellent communication along with pictures of Luke’s progress. Thank you so much!

  • Working with PPR was really great – they had all the knowledge and suggestions on how to get Mayson my cat safely to Europe and really enjoyed the frequent contact we had during the process. Also super great partners in Europe, easy and quick getting him out of customs with the pet agency. Thank you so much for all your help and time, highly recommend using PPR!!! Thank you Mario and Karina!!!

  • It is impossible to praise Mario and Karina at Panama Pet Relocation highly enough. We used their services when we shipped our dogs to Panama in 2011 and they were a natural choice for us when we needed to ship them back to Scotland in 2015. We were so worried about this trip. They were older of course and they are all snub nosed breeds which fewer and fewer airlines will ship. They had to fly Panama to Lisbon, Lisbon to Frankfurt and finally, Frankfurt to Edinburgh. Karina was constantly in touch with both my wife and I with updates etc. She provided pictures and news every step of the way. Tonight we have all five of our pets in our new house and we could not be happier. Thank you so much Mario and Karina words are not enough. We have sent you lots of pics already but I am about to send you a video of Maisie who knows she is home and has now relaxed FULLY as you will see ……. AND HEAR !!!! Richard and Lesley

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