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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pet Relocation Company

June 26th, 2019 | All about pet relocation

Are you planning to move to another location for business, a job, or any other reason? Remember, the relocation endeavour can be a challenging one with chores like packing, buying tickets, etc. However, the one challenge that can be really difficult to deal with is transporting your pet. This is because your pet needs to be handled with extreme care while being transported. And this is where you need a specialized pet relocation service. To cite an example: if you are looking forward to moving pets to Panama or any other place for that matter, you must engage a professional pet relocation service provider that can deal with each and every issue (including paperwork) related to the relocation.

Thus, with the service provider keeping an eye on the needs of your pet, you can focus on other areas of the relocation. Also, since the expert pet handlers belonging to the service provider would have ready access to airy crates and appropriate leashes, your pet can be moved with comfort. Here, it is important to find the right pet relocation company, for a wrong one can make your pet’s journey difficult. Read this blog to know the kind of questions you should be asking before hiring a pet relocation service provider.

1. For how many years have you been in this service? When it comes to the safety of your loving pet, you can never take a chance. Hence, prior to engaging a pet shipping company, you must not hesitate to ask about their experience in the business. For example, with over 15 years of experience, Panama Pet Relocation services have become well-versed with every requirement of pet shipping. Therefore, you too should seek an experienced service provider to transport your pets to the new place.

2. Is your company a member of IPATA? IPATA is an acronym for the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. The members of the association follow ethical guidelines to provide top-notch pet transportation services. By engaging a company that is a member of IPATA, you can be assured that the safety of your pet is in reliable hands. Considering the company has an IPATA membership, you can move on to the next level of discussion. If it is not a member of IPATA, you should certainly look for alternatives.

3. Are my pets safe with you? Do bear in mind that your pet will not have you by its side on the flight. Hence, you must ensure that a reliable pet shipping service is there to take care of every minor and major need of your pet while you are away. For example, the professionals at Panama Pet Relocation services arrange and secure crates so that your pet can enjoy a stress-free journey. Furthermore, they keep you updated with the status of the move and the well-being of your pet during the entire journey.

4. Do you provide assistance with paperwork? Being a layman, you may not know how to manage all the paperwork needed for a hassle-free move of your pets abroad. Thus, it becomes important to seek assistance from a professional pet shipping company in dealing with the preparation and filing of applications for exit/entry permits. By hiring services of such a pet transport company, you are saved from unnecessary hassles and ensured that your pet can experience a smooth journey.


Moving your pets, both domestically and abroad is not easy. However much you adore your pets, it might get overwhelming for you to arrange for their move. This is why you need a professional pet relocation service. Make sure that you ask the above-listed questions before entrusting the service provider with the responsibility of your pets.

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